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By now you must have noted that having a second eye to check your dissertation does more good in the critical path of success. The truth is, your lecturer or supervisor will not always be there to guide you in editing, since they are busy or attending to other students.

Get us on board! At Regent Editing service, we are willing to assist you with your thesis or academic paper, to check for tone, clarity, style, concision, word choice and organization just to mention a few. We are here to offer support for your arguments and provide necessary criticism where we think you need to improve. Similarly, we will ensure there are no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and typographical errors to allow you create quality content.

With a dedicated team of experienced dissertation editors, graphic designers and peer review specialists, clients can rest assured that their academic paper is in good hands. Our selection criteria will ensure that your project will be assigned to an experienced editor in your field of your study.

It doesn’t matter whether you are working on a sensitive topic, a scholarly analysis or commercial related study, we will keep your manuscript confidential as speculated in our privacy policies. Help is just a couple of clicks away.

What Does Quality Dissertation Editing Entail?

The most distinguishable factors that separate us from other thesis editing services is our quality of editors. A professional editor who understand their work must understand the entire process of research and reasons that can make a committee approve or reject a PhD project. Regent Editing Services are thorough in recruiting their editors to ensure they employ the best brains who understand the concept of research and apply the idea on a given project. They are the main ingredient that make up a great dissertation writing.

Dissertation editors must ensure that facts and figures are presented systematically to back the analysis in the thesis. Similarly, the sources must be cited properly and ensure the paper follows the proper dissertation structure: acknowledgments, dedication, table of contents, abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion, analysis, findings and conclusion, references, and appendices. Above all, every piece of information must be informative and specifically on the topic under study.

A dissertation is a problem that need to be solved with supportive literature and evidence. It will include detailed analysis of other characters that are to be interpreted and a conclusion drawn from the findings. Our top dissertation editors will take you through this process until the end.

Editing and Proofreading Dissertation

Dissertation editing help with Regent editing company is available 24/7 to offer rigorous review and complete improvement in your thesis. We ensure the following are in order:

  • Proper documentation including citation, quotation and correct formatting.
  • Grammar issues including comma splices, verb tenses, run-on sentences and fragments.
  • Correct tone and diction.
  • Footnotes and endnotes.
  • Style weaknesses including passive voice, wordiness, etc.
  • Paragraph structure such as length, order of thoughts, transitions, etc.
  • Repetition.
  • Sentence structure including syntax, parallelism, clarity, subordination and coordination.
  • Optimal organization such as logic, unity, coherence, etc.
  • Content evaluations including idea formulation, effectiveness of support points, strength of the argument and any weakness that may hinder your thesis from being accepted.

What You Get With Our Dissertation Editing Service

We can summarize our main stronghold in dissertation services in some simple points as given below. Our services varies from dissertation editing, proofreading and formatting. We are confident that after reviewing all the benefits and samples of work done, you will erase all doubts and sought the services of Regent Editing Service. Some of the key things you are sure to find once you start working with us are as follows:

Quick approval rate of your thesis: Once your paper has gone through our top professional thesis editors, you can be sure of fast approval on the first submission. Of course, there cannot lack a few cases that need some revision or correction, but we work on them immediately at no extra cost.

Quick turnaround: We understand that keeping deadlines is very important for our reputation, therefore we complete the edit within the stipulated time frame to save you a few thousand in course fees.

Experienced in MLA, CMS, APA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard styles: Most companies in this field use outsourced contractors to perform their edits. Our thesis editors work for Regent and have high educational levels (PhDs) from well-known Universities in America. We commit ourselves to work with our clients throughout the entire editing process to correct all the grammar errors, punctuation and sentence structure. Similarly, we are keen to check the formatting, citations, presentations and references used. This means that we are not only APA editors, we also offer thesis editing services in other academic styles including Chicago, MLA, CMs, Harvard and Turabian.

Secure work: Having been in the editing field for some time now, we have realized the need to secure all the information related to our clients. Previous work, money matters and time are 100% safe with us and confidential in that case.

Friendly cost: Our dissertation editing services rates are customized. Therefore, we charge according to the scope of work, but this does not mean that one client may be over charged. Our rates are reasonable depending on the level of education. We can say that our prices depending on the product and experience tend towards average in the industry.

Personal attention: If you order an edit from our team, we assign you a project manager who will be available on phone or email to work with you. This allows for easier communication and in case the client needs to add more instructions, it will be easier to make the adjustments on time. We work with you until the end of the editing process, and even after the process is complete, you can always reach us for if you are stuck or in case of a correction or revision requests. We can be assured of the best services.

How to Order

Step 1: Click the Order icon and upload your documents.

Step 2: A qualified editor will review all the documents and make necessary improvements.

Step 3: The final copy of the proofread and edited document will be sent to you via email.

Well, if you are a student looking for help with editing your dissertation or university paper, we are here to help. Make the order today!