Placing an order

For our customers' convenience, our ordering process is very straightforward. To place your order, just fill out our online form. This is a detailed form that includes all the customer's requirements for the assignment they need completed. If you need some additional requirements for your assignment, you can contact your editor and make changes to your form at any time.

Payment process's payment process is also simple. But unlike other editing and proofreading services, money is not taken from your bank account or charged on your credit card until the order is completed.

Tracking your order's status

Many customers want to know their order's status while they are waiting for it to be completed. This is why we always provide our editors' contact information to our clients in case they wish to contact them at any time about their orders' status or about any additional requirements.

Receving your order

Once the order is completed, it is emailed to the customer using the email provided in the original order form. If the customer also requests a hard-copy version, we can send it to the address provided on the order form. Whichever way is most convenient for you, we promise to deliver.

Online feedback center

Customer feedback plays an important role in our company. It motivates us to improve our writing products and to address any problems that our customers are having with our services. You can leave your feedback by logging onto our website after you have received your completed order. That's how our customers remain our top priority at